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07 January 2014 | Posted in: Camcorder / CES 2014 / News Blog

JVC Announces Rugged, All-Weather Camcorders

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2014 – JVC injects action into the camcorder market with the introduction of a line of rugged, weather-proof Everio models that allow video to be shot in most any weather and offer opportunities for creating unique videos that can’t easily be captured with a smartphone or traditional camcorder. The new models also feature an internal, long-life battery – 4.5 hours on a single charge – for even more versatility.


JVC Everio GZ-R10

The two new JVC Everio camcorders, the GZ-R70 and GZ-R10, feature JVC’s Quad-Proof structure – water resistance to a depth of 5m/16.4ft, the ability to withstand a drop from 1.5m/4.9ft, as well as dust-proof and freeze-proof down to –10˚C/14˚F – packaged in a familiar camcorder form factor.  Click here to continue reading…

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12 July 2013 | Posted in: Camcorder / News Blog

JVC To Send ADIXXION Action Cams on 10,000-Mile Auto Rally From the UK to Mongolia

WAYNE, NJ, July 12, 2013 – Hundreds of adventurers this weekend will set off on a 10,000 mile motorized trek from the United Kingdom to Mongolia in the Mongol Rally 2013, and JVC ADIXXION action cameras will be along to capture the thrills, spills, fun and frustrations.

The Mongol Rally is an automotive adventure across Europe and Central Asia that has hundreds of thrill-seeking participants pushing their lust for adventure to the limits in a trek that has few rules, and some that are specifically designed to ensure a true adventure. Organized by UK-based The Adventurists, the rally imposes an engine size cap of 1.2 liters for cars – no monster SUVs need apply. Ralliers can take any path they like from the launch at Bodiam Castle in southern England to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

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09 July 2013 | Posted in: Camcorder / News Blog

New JVC ADIXXION Action Cam Delivers Performance and Feature Upgrades

WAYNE, NJ, July 9, 2013 – A new, upgraded JVC ADIXXION, the action camera ready for action right out of the box, was announced today by JVC KENWOOD Corporation. The new JVC GC-XA2 ADIXXION offers a range of performance and feature enhancements that boost image quality and versatility, and the camera remains ready for most any situation, no external housing necessary.

Like the original ADIXXION, the new GC-XA2 is water-, shock-, dust- and freeze-proof – JVC’s Quad-Proof design – with built-in LCD and Wi-Fi. Performance improvements in the new model include 1920 x 1080 60p/50p Progressive Full HD recording, and1280 x 720 high-speed recording at 120fps/100fps for 4x slow-motion playback. Other upgrades include a brighter and wider-angle optical lens, improved image stabilization, a higher-resolution LCD monitor with Auto off and Auto brightness functions, a higher-resolution image sensor, a higher audio bit rate and better noise reduction.

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08 January 2013 | Posted in: Camcorder / CES 2013 / News Blog

Performance Enhancements and Expanded Wi-Fi Functions For New JVC Everio Camcorder Line

LAS VEGAS, January 8, 2013 – A new line of JVC Everio camcorders announced today by JVCKENWOOD Corporation offers a combination of performance enhancements, expanded Wi-Fi functions and innovative features for those who want to take their videos beyond what a smartphone or other camcorders can deliver. Highlights include a new imaging sensor for improved image quality, powerful optical zooms, expanded Wi-Fi functions, and unique viewing and sharing features.


JVC Everio GZ-EX310

The 2013 JVC Everio line is comprised of the entry-level GZ-E100, step-up GZ-E300/EX310/EX355 and high-performance GZ-E505/EX515/EX555 characterized by their lens-prominent design, and the unique GZ-VX815, which offers top performance in a stylishly sleek and elegant form.

At the heart of the new Everio line is a new 2.5-megapixel Back-Illuminated CMOS image sensor that with 2 million effective pixels delivers an outstanding Full HD image and improved low light performance for every model in the 100, 300 and 500 series. The new flagship GZ-VX815 boasts a 12.8-megapixel sensor. What’s more, the eight-model line includes seven with a powerful optical zoom – 40x or 38x – and four with a new wide-angle lens up to 29.3mm (35mm conversion) to more easily capture those tight indoor scenes. Click here to continue reading…

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08 January 2013 | Posted in: Camcorder / CES 2013 / News Blog

New Flagship JVC Camera Designed to Capture Fast-Moving Action

LAS VEGAS, January 8, 2013 – A new premium camcorder designed to capture high-quality video of fast-moving action was announced today by JVCKENWOOD Corporation. The new Procision JVC GC-PX100 offers high bit rate progressive recording to deliver high resolution HD images and Full HD slow-motion video. The camera’s high performance combines with Wi-Fi connectivity and a range of free specialized apps to make the GC-PX100 ideal for capturing and analyzing fast-moving action

JVC Procision GC-PX100

The camera shoots Full HD 1920 x 1080/60p video at 36Mbps, a bit rate that allows Full HD slow-motion playback, perfect for motion analysis or special effects. Premium performance is further assured by the fast F1.2 lens, 1/2.3” 12.8 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor and optical image stabilization. Five shooting speeds are available, ranging from 120fps to 600fps, easily selected using a dial conveniently located next to the lens. It’s also possible to grab bursts of nine still images from video at the touch of a button, similar to what can be done using the motor drive on an SLR still camera. Other shooting modes for capturing action include high-speed digital still recording at up to 60fps and variable speed time-lapse recording. Zoom Position Memory, ideal for analyzing sports plays, allows quick switching among three angles of view — Full Wide, Full Tele, and a user-settable position in between. Go from full field team formation analysis to a tight shot of a goal being scored, with instant switching of focus, zoom and exposure.

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09 March 2012 | Posted in: Camcorder / News Blog

First of JVC Wi-Fi Camcorders Now Available

WAYNE, NJ, March 9, 2012 – The first model in a line of JVC Wi-Fi camcorders is now available. The new Everio GZ-EX250 is one of four new JVC camcorders with built-in Wi-Fi that allows video clips and still images to be emailed, wireless transfer of files to smartphones, and a range of other functions.

The Wi-Fi feature is available on four 2012 Everio camcorders that combine the benefits of a conventional camcorder, such as superior image quality and a powerful zoom, with the communication convenience of a smartphone.  Several unique features are available thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi.  A free app for an Android device or iPhone/iPad makes it easy to wirelessly transfer video and stills to a smartphone for quick sharing via the internet. It also allows the phone to be used as a remote control for the Everio and offers geotagging of video and photo files in conjunction with the smartphone’s GPS.  Video Email allows 15-second video clips (640 x 360 pixels) to be sent directly from the Everio to up to eight email addresses. Live Monitoring allows real time monitoring on a smartphone or computer of images taken with the Everio.  And Auto Photo Email automatically emails stills taken using Everio’s movement detection function to a computer or smartphone.

Like all new Everio models, the GZ-EX250 record in 1920 x 1080 Full HD based on the AVCHD format, and offers high quality recording in UXP mode with a 24 Mbps sampling rate.  It also has an HDMI® output for superior results when viewing on the latest large-screen TVs.

Everio E/EX series models offer basic point-and-shoot simplicity as well as a number of helpful features.  Using either of the two EX models, even beginners can shoot excellent videos with the help of Smile Meter, which shows how big a smile is in percentage points, Smile Shot, which automatically takes a digital still when it detects a great smile, and Pet Shot, which automatically shoots stills when a dog or cat faces the camera.  Various animation effects, such as ribbons and glasses that correctly superimpose onto people’s faces, and handwritten titles, can be added to decorate any shot.  The KONICA MINOLTA HD LENS assures high quality images, while a 40x Optical Zoom enables close-up shots from far away, with no sacrifice in optical quality. Advanced Image Stabilizer effectively counters camera shake. Another new feature for 2012 is a zoom microphone that changes the focal point to match the picture so that what’s seen can be more clearly heard. There’s even a Silent Mode that lets the user mute camcorder sounds and darken the LCD for those times when unobtrusive recording is advised, such as when recording school plays or lectures. A Windows® application to support image management, simple editing and easy sharing is supplied.

Everio GZ-EX250 Features

• Wi-Fi Wireless Functions

• Built-in Memory 16GB

• AVCHD & Standard Definition Dual Format

• Advanced Image Stabilizer (A.I.S.)

• 40x Optical Zoom (KONICA MINOLTA HD LENS)

• Super LoLux with 1.5M Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor

• 3.0-inch Touch Panel LCD

• Intelligent AUTO

• Smile Meter & Smile Shot / Pet Detection & Pet Shot

• High-Speed Video Recording for Super Slow Motion Playback

• Time-Lapse REC & Auto REC

• Silent Mode

• Built-in Zoom Mic

• SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot

• Everio MediaBrowser 4

About JVC Americas Corp.

Headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, JVC Americas Corp. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVC Kenwood Corporation. JVC Americas distributes a complete line of JVC-brand video and audio equipment for the consumer and professional markets. For further product information, visit JVC’s website.

Except for the historical information contained herein, this news release contains forward-looking statements. These involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to vary or differ materially from those projected.

Microsoft® and Windows® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All brand names are trademarks, registered trademarks, or trade names of their respective holders.

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10 January 2012 | Posted in: CES 2012 / News Blog

JVC Unveils World’s First Handheld 4K Camcorder

WAYNE, NJ (January 10, 2012) – JVC Professional Products Company, a division of JVC Americas Corp., today announced the GY-HMQ10, the world’s first handheld 4K camcorder, which captures, records, and plays video images at four times the resolution of high definition television. Powered by JVC’s Falconbrid large-scale integration (LSI) chip for high-speed signal processing and a 1/2-inch CMOS imager with 8.3 million active pixels, it delivers real-time 3840×2160 footage at 24p, 50p, or 60p.

“We’re witnessing the birth of what is destined to become a broad market for full 4K end-to-end production,” said Edgar Shane, general manager of engineering.  “The GY-HMQ10 is a breakthrough product that opens up 4K imaging to users who previously wouldn’t have considered it.”

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10 January 2012 | Posted in: Camcorder / CES 2012

JVC Demonstrates Live Stream Camera At CES

LAS VEGAS, January 10, 2012 – JVC is exhibiting a working prototype of a new “Live Stream Camera” at this year’s International CES. The technical exhibit is a demonstration of a new camera that streams live video over the Internet, complete with pan/tilt and zoom operation controllable from a remote location.

This addresses one of the prominent trends in video — the growing need for more immediate image sharing. What began decades ago as tape dubbing evolved into burning DVDs to share footage, and more recently uploading to video sharing sites on the Internet. With each progression, the time from image acquisition to sharing has shrunk dramatically. And now as demand for the ultimate in immediacy, real-time sharing, gains momentum, JVC seeks to offer a superior solution for such users. Launch of the product is expected sometime this year.

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10 January 2012 | Posted in: Camcorder / CES 2012 / News Blog

JVC Everio Camcorders Go Wireless With Built-in Wi-Fi

LAS VEGAS, January 10, 2012 – New JVC Everio camcorders announced today at International CES offer built-in Wi-Fi that allows video clips and still images to be emailed, wireless transfer of files to smartphones, and a range of other functions. The new Wi-Fi models are part of an all-new seven-model Everio line that spans a wide range of needs, from point-and-shoot simplicity for the casual shooter to full manual control for the serious videographer.

All new Everio models record in 1920 x 1080 Full HD based on the AVCHD format, and offer high quality recording in UXP mode with a 24 Mbps sampling rate. Also, all models offer HDMI® output for superior results when viewing on the latest large-screen TVs.

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03 October 2011 | Posted in: Camcorder / News Blog

New JVC Video/Still Hybrid Camera Offers Pro-Level Performance and Features

WAYNE, NJ, October 3, 2011 – JVC today announced a new digital camera that uses a new high speed imaging engine to shoot both high quality digital still images and stunning Full HD video.  The JVC GC-PX10 is a true hybrid camera that shoots 12 megapixel stills and Full HD 1920 x 1080/60p video.  In addition, it offers such professional-level capabilities as 60 shots per second still image shooting, 300 frames-per-second video recording for high-quality super-slow motion and the ability to capture pristine still images from video.



At the heart of the GC-PX10 is JVC’s new FALCONBRID high speed imaging engine, first seen in JVC’s Full HD 3D camcorder, the GS-TD1. FALCONBRID is a single-chip technology with the processing power to allow the GC-PX10 to record Full HD progressive video at 36Mbps for rich, detailed images.  In addition, the camera can shoot 8.3 megapixel stills while recording Full HD video for clear, high-quality still images from recorded video.  The camera’s image sensor is a 1/2.3” 12.75 megapixel back-Illuminated CMOS sensor.

Digital still shooting in real time offers up to 12 megapixel resolution (4000 x 3000). An ISO6400 mode is available for increased sensitivity when shooting in dark environments.  Rapid-fire still shooting of 8.3 megapixel (3840 x 2160) stills is possible at 60 shots-per-second, up to 130 shots total per burst, or 12 megapixel stills at 30 frames-per-second. This surpasses the capabilities of digital SLR cameras currently available.

For super-slow motion shooting, the GC-PX10 can shoot video at 300 frames-per-second.  Image resolution is VGA (640 x 360), making it more than sufficient for online posting and viewing. But more importantly, this mode can be used for approximately two hours straight. So, to offer an extreme example, it’s possible to record an entire soccer game in super-slow motion.

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01 April 2011 | Posted in: News Blog / Press Coverage

First Review of New Consumer 3D Camcorder



Tech website Digital Trends has posted the first U.S. review of the new JVC GS-TD1 3D camcorder — the first Full HD 3D camcorder for consumers to go on sale. It earned a score of 8 out of 10. Reviewer David Elrich was “knocked out” by the 3D images, noting, “The depth of the 3D was terrific and the colors were very accurate.” Read the full review here.

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07 March 2011 | Posted in: Camcorder / News Blog

JVC First To Offer Full HD 3D Consumer Camcorder



WAYNE, NJ, March 7, 2011 ?JVC today announced the availability of a new 3D consumer camcorder, the first on the consumer market that offers 3D video recording in Full High Definition.  The new JVC GS-TD1 uses two camera lenses and two imaging sensors – one for each lens – to capture three-dimensional images in much same way that human eyes work.

3D video shot using the GS-TD1 can be viewed in 3D on any 3D TV.  What’s more, the camcorder can shoot 3D video that can be burned to a Blu-ray disc or DVD-R for 3D playback on a compatible Blu-ray player.

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06 January 2011 | Posted in: Camcorder / CES 2011 / News Blog

JVC Full HD 3D Consumer Camcorder Is World’s First

UPDATED — January 25, 2011:  The price of the JVC GS-TD1 3D camcorder has been revised to $1,699.95.

LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2011 ?JVC today announced the world’s first consumer camcorder to offer 3D recording in Full HD, thanks to a new JVC-developed high-speed processor that can produce two simultaneous Full HD images.

The new GS-TD1 uses two camera lenses and two 3.32 megapixel CMOS sensors – one for each lens – to capture three-dimensional images much the same way that human eyes work.  JVC’s new high-speed imaging engine simultaneously processes the two Full HD images – left and right images at 1920 x 1080i – within that single chip.  The newly developed “LR Independent Format” makes the GS-TD1 the world’s first consumer-oriented camcorder capable of 3D shooting in Full HD.  JVC’s new camcorder offers other shooting modes as well, including the widely used “Side-by-Side Format” for AVCHD (3D) and conventional AVCHD (2D) shooting.



The camcorder uses a JVC 3D Twin HD GT Lens that sets a new standard in high-resolution lenses with extra-low-dispersion glass for crisp, high-contrast images, as well as multiple aspherical lenses for fine image reproduction. The GS-TD1 also features round iris diaphragms that enable beautiful bokeh effect (background blurring) shooting of video and stills alike.

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24 August 2010 | Posted in: Camcorder / News Blog

Two New JVC Picsio Pocket Cameras Offer Easy Video and Photo Sharing



WAYNE, NJ, August 24, 2010 ?Two JVC pocket cameras announced today bring a new level of fun and ease-of-use to making and sharing videos and photos. The new PICSIO pocket cameras, the GC-WP10 and GC-FM2, both feature Full HD video, excellent low-light performance, a three-inch touch screen for easy operation and playback viewing, and compatibility with Eye-Fi cards for Wi-Fi connectivity. And for the ultimate in versatility, the PICSIO GC-WP10 is waterproof.

To produce stunning photos, PICSIO’s CMOS image sensor captures stills at up to five-megapixel native resolution without interpolation. It also records up to 1920 x 1080p/30 fps Full HD video with image stabilization for enjoyment on an HDTV via the camera’s HDMI output. Users can select from four different recording resolutions: Full HD 1080 (1920 x 1080/30p), HD 720 (1280 x 720/60p), iFrame (960 x 540/30p) and Quarter High Definition (960 x 540/30p). The new PICSIO cameras also offer time-lapse recording, which reduces hours-long segments to mere seconds.

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07 June 2010 | Posted in: News Blog

Enthusiast Site Camcorderinfo.com Reviews the GZ-HM1

Enthusiast website Camcorderinfo.com has posted its review of the GZ-HM1, the flagship in the Everio line. The camcorder scored very high in virtually all performance areas. They were particularly impressed with the HM1′s low light performance, color accuracy and low noise levels, “top notch” motion results and image sharpness, and its optical image stabilization.



In color performance, the review noted, “The GZ-HM1 put up good numbers in our color test, which is something we almost always see from JVC camcorders.” As for sharpness: “Video sharpness was excellent: among the best scores we’ve seen.”

Read the full review here.

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03 June 2010 | Posted in: News Blog / Press Coverage

Digital Trends Reviews the Everio GZ-HM1

Digital Trends has reviewed the Everio GZ-HM1, the top-of-the-line Everio.



Reviewer David Elrich scored it an 8 out of 10, and was very impressed with the camera’s image quality — “The  movies were top notch with trees showing excellent, deep greens and flowers just the right amount of yellow, pink and red. Clips taken at the beach were also spot-on with beautiful wave reflections, accurate skies and colorful outfits on cyclists.”  He also praised its low-light performance.

Here are his “Highs” and “Lows”:


  • Outstanding video quality
  • Built-in 64GB flash memory
  • Very good stills
  • Superior image stabilization system
  • Good low-light shooting


  • Expensive, definitely not a Flip
  • LCD screen should be larger and better
  • Still don’t like the Laser Touch interface
  • Eats batteries
  • Clunky accessory adaptor system
  • Doesn’t accept SDXC cards
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23 April 2010 | Posted in: News Blog / Press Coverage

Videomaker Reviews the HD Everio GZ-HM550

Video enthusiast publication Videomaker posted a review of the HD Everio GZ-HM550 to its website. The review will also appear in the publication’s June 2010 issue.

Reviewer Mark Holder found plenty to like about the camcorder, from its “stunningly beautiful HD images” to Bluetooth wireless technology which “really makes this camera stand out in a sea of similarities.” Read the full review here.

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06 April 2010 | Posted in: Camcorder / News Blog


WAYNE, NJ, April 6, 2010 ? A new top-end JVC HD Everio video camera is now available, JVC announced today. The new GZ-HM1 HD Everio offers a full slate of technologies to optimize picture quality and an array of manual controls for creative flexibility. The GZ-HM1 offers performance improvements in three key areas — low light performance, camera-shake compensation and digital still quality. As a result, the GZ-HM1, which offers 64GB of internal storage and an SD/SDHC card slot, is the ideal camera for video enthusiasts and semi-professionals.



In the area of low light performance, the GZ-HM1 provides superior results thanks to a new CMOS sensor that boosts sensitivity to four Lux (compared to nine Lux for the previous GZ-HM400) for brilliant recording of 1920 x 1080 Full HD video, with 1080/60p output through the HDMI connection. In camera shake compensation, JVC made improvements in wide angle performance, an area not typically addressed. While most stabilization efforts focus on effectiveness in high zoom ratios, camera shake also occurs at wide angle settings, especially when the camera user is moving along with the subject. In the new GZ-HM1, JVC uses prism technology to provide effective results at the wide angle end of the zoom range. And for better still image quality, the GZ-HM1 delivers real 10 megapixel stills for detailed images.

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05 April 2010 | Posted in: News Blog


WAYNE, NJ, April 5, 2010 – JVC Professional Products, a division of JVC U.S.A., will introduce the new flagship of its ProHD camcorder line, the GY-HM790, at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nev., April 12-15 (Booth C4314). With an innovative modular design and a full complement of accessories, the new camera supports multicore or fiber-based production. Plus, as a shoulder-mount camcorder, it delivers outstanding ENG and sports production performance with more features than ever.



The GY-HM790 features three 1/3-inch CCDs, which allow a lighter, more compact form factor for better maneuverability in the field and more flexibility with robotic camera control systems in the studio. It produces 1920×1080 images and can record in 1080i, 720p, and even SD (480i) for operations that have not yet made the move to HD. The camera records at 35 Mbps (HQ mode/variable bit rate) or 19 Mbps/25 Mbps (SP mode/constant bit rate). The camera ships with a Canon 14x zoom lens or without lens, as accommodates a variety of lenses with its 1/3-inch bayonet lens mount.

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01 April 2010 | Posted in: News Blog / Press Coverage

Cruise Site Sets Sail With the Everio GZ-HD620 Camera

Cruise webiste CruiseReport.com recently tested the Everio GZ-HD620 camcorder and were impressed with its convenience, ease-of-use and small size. The review includes two video clips, including one that uses the camcorder’s unique time-lapse feature.

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19 March 2010 | Posted in: Camcorder / News Blog


WAYNE, NJ, March 19, 2010 – JVC today announced the availability of a new high definition Everio camera with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology, allowing the camera to work with a variety of other wireless devices.  In addition, the new Everio GZ-HM550 features a 10.6 megapixel CMOS sensor for recording high quality Full HD video and nine megapixel digital stills to its internal 32GB flash memory.  An SD/SDHC card slot provides the camera with additional storage.



Among the capabilities the camera’s Bluetooth technology offers is control of the camera using a smartphone, geo-tagging of videos and stills and use with a compatible Bluetooth headset.

With the installation of a supplied application, a Bluetooth-equipped smartphone can be used to control the camera remotely, allowing record, zoom and play operations.  Use the camera with a GPS device to record location data of where movie and still files were recorded.  The data synchronizes with Google Earth™ when viewing the file on a PC using the bundled Everio MediaBrowser software.  The camera can also be used with a Bluetooth-equipped headset to monitor the recorded sound or for voice recording.

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02 February 2010 | Posted in: Camcorder / News Blog


New GZ-HM340 features 16GB of internal memory.

WAYNE, NJ, February 2, 2010 – JVC has added a new high definition camera to its recently-announced 2010 Everio line, giving the series three HD models priced under $500.  The new Everio GZ-HM340 features 16GB of internal flash memory plus an SD/SDHC card slot.

The GZ-HM340 includes all of the new features and improvements found throughout the 2010 Everio line, including advancements in low light capabilities and image stabilization, while convenience is enhanced with a new auto recording feature and time lapse recording.

For a steadier picture, JVC this year introduced Advanced Image Stabilizer (A.I.S) that ensures steady images even while walking, and is especially effective when shooting bright scenes from full wide to 5x zoom. Available on all models, Advanced Image Stabilizer uses a wide-angle image sampling area that is four times larger than that of conventional systems. A.I.S delivers powerful compensation for camera shake.

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07 January 2009 | Posted in: Camcorder / Press Kits / Press Releases / Product Launch 2009



2009 line includes palm-sized new high definition models, hard disk and memory recording, more color choices and new sharing options.

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2009 – JVC today announced a new line of Everio camcorders that offers innovations in video sharing, dual storage memory models and hi-def camcorders no larger than their diminutive standard definition counterparts.

For 2009, what the Everio line offers is choice – in storage medium, color and sharing. The line includes hard disk drive (HDD) models, memory camcorders, and for the first time dual memory models, including standard and high definition dual SD memory card camcorders, the world’s first dual card slot models. There’s also a standard definition model that combines SD card recording with internal flash memory.

For sharing, all 2009 JVC Everios make it easy to watch videos on an iPod® or iPhone® by exporting videos to the user’s iTunes® library with the new One Touch Export function provided by bundled software for Windows®. This joins the One Touch Upload function for uploading to YouTube™, for 2009 a feature available on all Everio camcorders, and One Touch DVD Creation function for easy archiving and sharing by disc, a long-time Everio feature.
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04 September 2008 | Posted in: Camcorder / Press Releases


Full Motion Multi-Stream IP Camera Provides 4x Image Resolution of Traditional VGA

DENVER, CO (September 3, 2008) – JVC expands its V.Networks line-up of advanced IP based video security products with the introduction of the new VN-X35U 1.25 megapixel IP security camera. In any conditions day or night, the VN-X35U digitally zooms in on the recorded image to provide precise image detail. The VN-X35U creates a surveillance environment where the user can see an image at four times the resolution of standard IP network cameras.

“The VN-X35U coupled with the VR-N900U, standalone network video recorder (NVR), is the perfect solution for advanced residential security systems,: said Geoff Anderson, national marketing manager for Security Products, JVC Professional Products Company. “To put homeowners at ease, the system can be connected to motion, fire, smoke and moisture sensors, and instantly send an e-mail notification when a trouble is detected,” he added.

The VN-X35U utilizes a highly sensitive 1/3″ progressive scan CCD with 1.25 megapixels. A full motion multi-stream codec delivers both JPEG and MPEG-4 streams simultaneously at 15 frames per second. The camera’s motion detection function outputs an alarm, with two inputs and two outputs, whenever movement is detected within a pre-specified area of the image.

In addition, bi-directional audio with built-in microphone and speaker jacks, provides not only audio information necessary for forensic evaluation purposes, but the ability to communicate with people at the camera’s location. With QUAD-VGA resolution, up to four times the area can be monitored so fewer cameras are required for surveillance. The digital PTZ function allows panning and zooming of the image with no moving parts. This can not only save money on the initial purchase, but adds reliability and reduces maintenance costs.

The camera’s easy day/night operation delivers images in light levels as low as 0.3 lux in color and 0.2 lux in black & white mode. Proper video levels are ensured with an advanced AGC (Automatic gain control) that optimizes picture quality at all times during the day. The VN-X35U supports industry standard Power over Ethernet (POE) for quick installation. Video, audio and power are carried on a single Ethernet cable instead of separate data and AC power cables.

V.Networks products combine JVC’s legendary high picture quality with state-of-the-art IP technology. As one of the first manufacturers of IP based video cameras and network recorders, JVC is the only major brand that designs and builds the key components in its IP systems in its own factories. Plug and play features greatly simplify installation and configuration for system integrators, while JVC’s open platform provides superb value opportunity for resellers. As part of JVC’s V.Networks system, the VN-X35U is the perfect complement to JVC’s VR-N900U or VR-N1600U network video recorders which provide an all-digital IP security solution for residential to enterprise level security systems.

The VN-X35U will be available in October 2008. High-resolution photos and color brochures are available on the JVC Web site at http://pro.jvc.com/newsroom.

JVC Professional Products Company, located in Wayne, New Jersey, is a leading manufacturer of home theater products and security products in addition to a complete line of broadcast and professional video systems. For more information about this, or any other JVC Professional Products product, contact Candace Vadnais at PFS Marketwyse 973-812-8883, ext. 430 or visit JVC’s Web site at http://pro.jvc.com

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16 June 2008 | Posted in: Camcorder / Press Releases

New JVC HD Everio Line Includes World’s First 50-Hour AVCHD Camera And Dual-Format Models

New JVC HD Everio Line Includes World’s First 50-Hour AVCHD Camera And Dual-Format Models


Two new HD models offer both AVCHD and MPEG-2 recording

WAYNE, NJ, June 16, 2008 – JVC has added three new high definition cameras to its HD Everio line, including a pair of dual-format models, one of which records up to 50 hours of AVCHD Full HD video.

Two new models, the GZ-HD40 and GZ-HD30, are the world’s first AVCHD / MPEG-2 dual-format cameras, allowing access to the superior long time compression afforded by AVCHD, as well as MPEG-2’s superior editing and post-production environment. Both offer 1920 x 1080 Full HD recording in both formats to a 120GB (GZ-HD40) or 80GB (GZ-HD30) internal hard disk drive. The third new model, the GZ-HD10, offers 1440 x 1080 recording in the AVCHD format to a 40GB hard drive.

Technologies behind the scenes include new CMOS imaging chips with interpolation technology, the HD Gigabrid Duo chip that includes codecs for AVCHD in all cameras and MPEG-2 in the GZ-HD40 and GZ-HD30 as well as noise reduction technology, and 1920 x 1080/60P output for all cameras via HDMI™ (V.1.3 with x.v.Color). Ease of use innovations include Intelligent Grouping, which sorts and groups together similar themed scenes for easier access, and Digest Playback, which creates a video montage of scenes, much like a “coming attractions” clip, when they’re burned to a DVD.

JVC designed the GZ-HD30 to meet the needs of a broad segment of people who shoot video, including family users. More compact than the GZ-HD40, it offers all of the performance and nearly all of the features of that model, except it has a slim 80GB internal hard disk for a maximum 33 hours of Full HD recording, and does not come with a docking station. As of June 2008, it is the world’s smallest Full HD camera with 1.8” HDD.

JVC provided the GZ-HD40 with a 120GB hard disk drive for up to 50 hours of AVCHD Full HD video recording, and a docking station to meet the requirements of the prosumer or high-end enthusiast.

JVC designed the small sized HD Everio GZ-HD10 thinking of the needs of budget-conscious users, yet it offers a high quality KONICA MINOLTA HD LENS and a 40GB hard disk that provides up to 16 hours of high-definition recording. The GZ-HD10’s 1440×1080 AVCHD recordings are also up converted for playback at 1920 x 1080/60P via HDMI.

All three of the new HD Everio hybrid cameras can connect to the optionally available CU-VD50 Everio SHARE STATION with stand alone playback. The new HD Everios can also connect to the JVC CU-VD3 SHARE STATION to offer an even more cost-efficient archiving and playback solution. The combinations offer the world’s first PC-less solution for AVCHD and MPEG-2 burning and playback, with AVCHD DVD discs that can be shared with commonly available AVCHD compatible Blu-Ray players.

1920 x 1080 Full HD Recording
The GZ-HD40 and GZ-HD30 both have three AVCHD recording modes that all record Full HD 1920 x 1080 video. The only difference among modes is the bit rate, and while using the highest bit rate yields

the highest quality results, the image quality is remarkable even using the lowest bit rate EP mode. And since 1920 x 1080 is truly native HDTV resolution, it requires no conversion on the part of the display device to show high definition images.

The GZ-HD40 and GZ-HD30 also have the FHD mode for recording Full HD 1920 x 1080 MPEG-2 Transport Stream video with MPEG-1 Layer 2 audio. The GZ-HD10 records solely in 1440 x 1080 AVCHD format.


  1920×1080 1920×1080 1440×1080
Model/ Record Mode XP SP EP FHD 1440CBR*
GZ-HD40 (120 GB) 15hr. 21 hr. 50 hr. 10 hr. 10 hr.
GZ-HD30 (80 GB) 10 hr. 14 hr. 33 hr. 6 hr. 6 hr.
GZ-HD10 (40 GB) 5 hr. 7 hr. 16 hr. - -
  For all cameras
Micro SDHC Card (8GB) 1hr 1hr 28 min. 3hr 20min - -
SystemBit Rate (VBR) Ave.
17 Mbps
(VBR) Ave.
12 Mbps
(VBR) Ave.
5 Mbps
(VBR) Ave.
26.6 Mbps
(CBR) Ave.
27 Mbps


*For HDV compatible stream via i.LINK
Continuous shooting time and typical shooting time are approximate. To record video, a microSDHC card with Class 4 or higher performance is required. microSD memory cards (256MB to 2GB) and microSDHC memory cards (4GB and 8GB) have been tested for the following brands: Panasonic, Toshiba, SanDisk, ATP. Note that using other media may result in recording failure or data loss.

New CMOS Chips with Interpolation Technology
The image sensors used in the new HD Everio line are newly developed small size but high resolution 1/3” and 1/4.5” CMOS chips. This CMOS uses proprietary interpolation technology based on what JVC developed for its 3CCD cameras. This algorithm makes it possible to generate virtual pixel data from the red, green and blue physical pixels, thereby providing image information that actually surpasses what’s required for 1920 x 1080 Full HD imaging, or for 1440 x 1080 imaging in the GZ-HD10.

HD Gigabrid Duo Engine
JVC’s HD Gigabrid video engine, which processes in full 1920 x 1080 progressive video, was the result of years of experience in signal-processing technology, and uses five digital noise-reduction algorithms as well as signal processing to improve horizontal scan resolution by approximately 20 percent over JVC’s previous interlace technology, for an extremely clear and sharp image.

New this year with the HD Gigabrid Duo engine is its further advanced integration, adding the AVCHD codec (GZ-HD40/30/10), and incorporating all functions of the previous HD Gigabrid engine (including MPEG-2 codec for GZ-HD40/30), as well as the USB Host controller function for use with an Everio SHARE STATION.

1080p 60 Frame per second Progressive Output Function
Enabling output of a 1080p 60 fps progressive signal on all three models allows recordings to be enjoyed on high-end displays. Using the same high power Genessa technology as in JVC advanced displays, conversion to 1920 x 1080p at 60 fps provides seamless natural video, free of motion judder during fast action activities, jaggy lines on angles, and moiré patterns on fine detail when zooming. 1920 x 1080 HD discs played back from CU-VD50 SHARE STATION or via the camera from CU-VD3 SHARE STATION are also converted to 60 fps progressive.

HDMI™ (V.1.3. with x.v.Color™)
The new JVC HD Everio hybrid cameras record using x.v.Color™ technology. The universal standard xvYCC, known as x.v.Color, provides more accurate color reproduction with more detail and shades that look more natural to the human eye. It can display 100 percent of the colors that the human eye is capable of perceiving, whereas the traditional sRGB system can only display approximately 55 percent. The difference in color reproduction performance is especially noticeable in greens and yellows. These new HD Everio hybrid cameras output to televisions directly using HDMI™ (V.1.3. with x.v.Color).

Extremely Quick Response, Designed for High Quality Shooting
JVC’s new HD Everio models minimize the risk of missing an important shot with faster response time for many operations. For instance, the time lag from pressing the trigger to the start of recording is only 0.08 seconds (trigger sound set to off). That is nearly instantaneous, and a great improvement over the more common 0.6 second delay. Likewise, the time it takes to power-on the unit has been reduced to 0.6 seconds, whereas competitive models may take over 1.5 seconds. And to play footage, it takes only 3.5 seconds to display the playback picture, which is about half the time required for other manufacturers’ products. These improvements can mean the difference between capturing a crucial shot or missing it.

In addition, JVC HD Everio hybrid cameras include other functions that enhance convenience and quality: * Hybrid HDD and MicroSD Recording;

  • Auto Light;
  • Focus Assist and Manual settings;
  • Simultaneous to Video Progressive Still Shooting;
  • Quick power off;
  • 2.8”/ (2.7” for GZ-HD10) Clear wide LCD with Auto Backlight Brightness;
  • Mic input and Accessory Shoe;
  • Direct Backup button;
  • In Camera File Editing (AVCHD).

Innovations in Ease of Use
JVC has equipped its new HD Everio models with new functions to enhance usability. First is the “Intelligent Grouping” function that at the touch of a button rapidly sorts through and categorizes the recordings stored on the camera’s hard disk into different groups. Up to 1,000 scenes can be grouped in three seconds or less. With scenes categorized, users will have faster and easier access to desired scenes, a real convenience as the hard drive fills up.


As an extension of this technology, “Digest Playback” automatically generates a video montage of just the highlight scenes when HD Everio recordings are copied to a DVD. This digest version of the disc contents, looking much like a coming-attractions clip, will help the viewer get a general idea of what the disc is about, saving precious time.

PC-less Archiving Using Exclusive DVD Burners
By connecting the GZ-HD40/HD30/HD10 directly to an optional CU-VD50 or CU-VD3 HD Everio SHARE STATION via USB, the user can burn 12cm AVCHD discs from all cameras, or MPEG-2 data discs from the GZ-HD40 and 30 to make backups and permanent archives of selected scenes in any desired order with just a few simple steps.

There are several options for selecting clips to be burned to disc — all clips, manually specified clips, clip files not yet copied, by date, video playlists created in-camera and comprised of multiple user-selected clips, or by event type for those clips that have been tagged with an icon representing an event category (e.g. birthday, baby, graduation, vacation, etc.).

Created AVCHD discs can be played on AVCHD compatible Blu-ray players. The CU-VD50 can also be used as an external DVD drive/burner when connected to a PC. The CU-VD50 plays back on a TV via HDMI in 1920 x 1080 60p and with x.v.Color, analog component and as well in standard definition video. The slim CU-VD3 offers the same burning features, but with playback via the camera.

Full Complement of Interfaces
All three models are equipped with USB2.0 and HDMI digital interfaces on the camera. The Docking Station supplied with the GZ-HD40 is equipped with USB2.0 and i.LINK (IEEE 1394).

USB is primarily for file saving, HDMI for digital viewing on large screen displays, and i.LINK streams high definition video in full resolution or the 1440CBR mode. High definition video streamed by i.LINK in the 1440CBR mode is HDV-compatible and allows footage to be edited using HDV-compatible software (functionality might be limited with some applications). HD recorded material is down-converted for output in standard definition via the analog component/ composite output.

High Value Software Supplied
For editing and archiving via PC, the new HD Everio models come with the CyberLink BD Solution software suite for Windows. This includes “PowerDirector™ 6 NE” for HD video editing, “PowerProducer™ 4 NE” for authoring high definition Blu-ray discs, AVCHD discs and DVD-Video discs, “PowerCinema™ NE for Everio” for HD file management and playback, and “PowerDVD™ 7 NE” for playback of AVCHD discs.

The GZ-HD40/HD30 also come with a plug-in that allows HD Everio’s MPEG-2 files to be used with Apple iMovie HD 6 and Final Cut Pro 5 or 6 video software for the Macintosh. For all cameras, AVCHD files can be used with Apple’s AVCHD applicable software without a plug-in for the Macintosh.


Model National Ad Value Available
GZ-HD40 $1,299.95 August
GZ-HD30 $949.95 August
GZ-HD10 $799.95 August


About JVC Company of America
JVC Company of America, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, is a division of JVC Americas Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan Ltd., and a holding company for JVC companies located in North and South America. JVC distributes a complete line of video and audio equipment, including high definition displays, camcorders, DVD players and recorders, home and portable audio equipment, mobile entertainment products and recording media. For further product information, visit JVC’s Web site at http://www.jvc.com or call 800-526-5308.

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